Thanks so much for showing an interest in our Ambassador program today!
We do have rules and regulations you will need to Read through before submitting this form and before we can go ahead and join you up into the family!



Our Ambassador promises;


  • Being a fohxia babe we offer you 40% off to purchase your own kinis from our website,
  • All ambassadors will use the same discount code,
  • We allow you to generate your own personal discount code of 25% off for you to give your friends and families to use.
  • Every 5 sales generated by your discount code from your friends, family or social media followers will allow you to get 1 free gift sent to you chosen at random from our in stock items online, 
  • The size chosen for your free gift will be automatically set to what your size is from your first order,
  • We will get in contact you via post on our facebook ambassador group (or) email to let you know that you have reached your 5 sales and that a free gift is on its way to its new home,
  • The free item will be chosen at random to keep your collection mysterious and magical. 
  • You can tag #fohxiababe #fohxiaambassador in your purchase to be reposted onto our offical social media handles,
  • Get massive deals on our collaboration photoshoot deals with FOHXIA STUDIO ( soon to be rebranding under another name ) 





Being an ambassador for fohxia isn't just about massive discounted products or freebies, being an ambassador is being apart of a family, you have to believe in what our message is, you have to feel the power of our voice and be persistent in trying to send this message further to your friends and families. 



  • Be 13 and older, 
  • Feature your 25% off promo code & @fohxia ambassador in your social media handle bio’s,
  • Upload photos wearing fohxia 3 times a week. ( Stories are counted ),
  • Tag @fohxia #fohxia , #fohxiababe , #fohxiaambassador , & your 25% off discount code in the comments on the photos posted,
  • If you have a youtube channel we do ask for fohxia outfit hauls or videos to be done so we can post on our youtube channel.
  • Have “viber” downloaded on your phone so by the time we add you into the ambassador group we dont have to chase your contact number up. 
  • DO NOT give out the 40% off ambassador code to anyone outside of our ambassador group. If you know someone who is interested in becoming apart of the team let them know they need to sign up. 



  • Submit your Form and we will be in contact through email to let you know how to add yourself into the ambassador facebook group.
  • There will be a series of questions to answer as you ask permission to enter the group.
example: "what is your 25% off code" write what you would want it to be otherwise we might miss adding it to the website 
If this sounds like you, and you are happy to join our family and help spread our message!
See you soon BABE