Ever wanted to model, get some snaps of yourself to build a modelling portfolio, become a social media promoter OR just to get some nice photos of yourself or with friends to savour forever?
We have teamed up with KIZ VISUAL for this exact purpose.
KIZ VISUAL is a platform by Kyara Costelloe to help arise your name on social media, work on portfolios for the modelling industry or for the fun of experiencing something new!
We work creatively with @KIZVISUAL with 1 exclusive photoshoot package
with the soul purpose of helping YOU.
You will have multiple opportunities & platforms to get your name out there for other brands and even talent scouts to see! Plus you will already have created half a portfolio ready to use!
When booking a shoot with @KIZVISUAL a deposit of $30 must be paid when securing a date & time in case of cancelation or rebooking.
If a PHOTOSHOOT needs to be canceled for any reason KIZ VISUAL and yourself can discuss a reschedule date but the deposit will not be refunded.
Payments can be made via;
Bank transfer, Paypal, Afterpay
3 HOURS $200 + $30 deposit 
This package includes:
  • Maximum of 2 people.
  • 3 Fohxia Bikinis Supplied at your choice
  • 1 Location
  • Props will be included
  • Tanning Oils provided


  • All of the best Images from the shoot will be edited - Usually 200+.
  • Behind the scenes videos & images will be saved for your use and also to be posted on FOHXIA & KIZVISUALS
  • We have also given KIZVISUALS an exclusive  40% discount to give the customers who book this package with them to spend at 
Extra Info:
- You are welcome to bring your own extra clothing to add in with the bikinis.
EXAMPLE: denim jacket, converses, shorts, shirt. 
If you wanted to keep  the raw photos from the photoshoot you are more then welcome to leave a usb with us and we will let you know when the raw images are ready to be picked up.
- If you cannot provide a USB at the photoshoot and still want the raw images it is up to you to provide one later on.
- If you cannot pick up the usb after completion of the images and need it to be dropped off or mailed to you. Cost must be paid by model. 
$10 dop off fee $7.50 mail fee
- Please arrive to the shoot with your make up done ( naturally) we will do touch ups if needed.
- Please arrive to the shoot with your Hair straightened or natural.
 When sending KIZ VISUALS a message to book please state that you are after the FOHXIA PACKAGE along with a mobile number so they can forward through the photoshoot forms to fill out.
When filling out the forms and if you are booking a photoshoot with a friend please state who your friends name is at the bottom of the form.